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© 2020 Marieken Cochius


 Marieken Cochius is a Dutch-born artist who has lived and worked in New York City since 1987, and in the Hudson Valley since 2013. Meditative, strong and intuitive work that often explores growth forms, movement and containment of energy, she is drawn to remote places where she studies nature and makes art inspired by it. Her work encompasses drawing, painting, sculpture and printmaking. 

A sculptural public commission was completed in 2017 for the Village of Wappingers Falls, NY.

Recent solo shows were at Matteawan Gallery in Beacon, NY, and Holland Tunnel Gallery in Brooklyn, NY.

Cochius' work has been exhibited in numerous galleries and institutions in places ranging from New York City, NY,  Berkeley, CA,  Austin, TX,  Los Angeles, CA, to Japan, Germany and the Netherlands. Her work is in many private collections in the US and Europe. She has participated in residencies including the Vermont Studio Center, Johnson, VT. 

Cochius has participated in recent group exhibitions at The Ely Center, New Haven, CT; Ann Street Gallery, Newburgh, NY; LAB Space, Hillsdale, NY; Sideshow Gallery, Brooklyn, NY; Ube Gallery, Berkeley, CA. Her work was recently featured on covers of Willard and Maple Magazine, Sun Spot Journal, and inside Tiny Seed Literary Journal,  Esthetic Apostle, FLAR, DeLuge Journal, Alluvian Environmental Journal, Raw Art Review.



I am fascinated by growth-forms, root systems of plants, movements of microscopic organisms, wind movements on water, seedpods and animal architecture. In those I see a sensitive chaos that contains and propels the origins and energies of life.

My sculpture, drawings and paintings capture fleeting moments of pattern and order in this organic world otherwise dominated by chaos and change. The energy that natural forms temporarily contain yet inevitably transform particularly inspires me. The found, often organic materials I use in my biomorphic sculpture (driftwood, bone, felt, stone, earth, mica), and the impasto surfaces of my landscape-inspired paintings embody this tension, suggesting both movement and enclosure. Evoking the mystery and power of nature through intensely materialist and tactile forms and imagery, they explore the porous boundary between what is seen and felt, where perception and experience merge. 

I want to create a mesmerizing effect of movement, something that looks familiar, but that you cannot exactly place. Every inch of my work is as important as the whole. Like fractal dimensions, seen through a microscope or a telescope. I strive to have my work become an organic structure in itself, changing in different light or from different angles.


1987-1993 Kunst Academie St. Joost, Breda, Netherlands. Photography and Film.


2020: (September) Holland Tunnel Gallery, Newburgh, NY: Terra/ Derma, 2 person show with Kent Peterson

2019: ARTBAR gallery, Kingston, NY: Natural Inclinations, 2 person show with Carole Kuntstadt

2018: CMA gallery, MSMC Newburgh, NY: Complex Ecologies, 2 person show with Jackie Skrynski

          Holland Tunnel Gallery, Brooklyn, NY: Dark Matter, 2 person show with Kent Peterson

2016: Holland Tunnel Gallery, Brooklyn, NY: A Space Once Occupied, Now Empty. 

2016: Matteawan Gallery, Beacon, NY: Invisible Nature
2012: Lily Too Gallery, Madison, CT: Marieken Cochius
2005: Jacklight Gallery, NY, NY:  Oology
2000: The Thai Cafe, Brooklyn, NY: Works by Marieken Cochius

1990: De Foyer, Nijmegen, Netherlands: Meat Market, NY.

2017: Sculpture for the Village of Wappingers Falls, NY. 

Driftwood and metal

8 x 5.5 x 1.5 feet    (240 cm x 165 cm x 45 cm)
Installation will be in 2020


2020:Walter Meade Gallery, Roxbury, NY: Large Works

         Howland Cultural Center, Beacon, NY: Women's History Month

         Queen City 15 Gallery, Poughkeepsie, NY: Nude

         Holland Tunnel Gallery, Newburgh, NY: Vision 2020

2019:Queen City 15, Poughkeepsie, NY: Portals, curated by Linda Marston-Reid

          AnnMarie Sculpture Garden, Solomon, MD: When Darkness Falls

         Hudson Beach Glass Gallery, Beacon, NY: Canopy, 3 person show, curated by Chris Davison

         WAAM, Woodstock, NY: Radius 50 curated by Cathleen Chaffee, Albright Knox Gallery

         Ely Center of Contemporary Art, New Haven, CT: Ear To The Ground

2018:Holland Tunnel Art Newburgh, Newburgh, NY: Open 

          Percolate Art Space, Pittsburgh, PA: Met-a-mor-pho-sis

          Loft Artist Gallery, Stamford, CT: Relishing Restraints. Curated by Krista Saunders Scenna,

          Groundfloor BK gallery

          Cigar Factory, LIC, NY: Allow me to Reintroduce Myself.  Curated by Krista Saunders Scenna,   

          Groundfloor BK gallery

        WAAM, Woodstock, NY: Far and wide. Curated by Daniel Belasco, Al Held Foundation

        Holland Tunnel Gallery, Newburgh, NY: First View

        Pro Arts, Casa Colombo, Jersey City, NJ: Curators Choice

          Kentler International Drawing Center: Collect and Connect

          LABspace, Hillsdale, NY: True North

        Sideshow Gallery, Brooklyn, NY: The Greatest Show on Earth
2017:Ann Street Gallery, Newburgh, NY: Silent Sentinels

          LABspace, Hillsdale, NY: Taconic North

          Arts Mid Hudson, Poughkeepsie, NY: Catalysts

          Sideshow Gallery, Brooklyn, NY: Through the Rabbit hole II

2016:Sideshow Gallery, Brooklyn, NY: Through the Rabbit hole

          Kentler International Drawing Center, Brooklyn, NY: 100 works on paper

2015:Ube Gallery, Berkeley, CA: From where I stand

          GCCA, Catskill, NY: Microcosm
          Seton Hall School of Law University, Newark, NJ: New Works Show

          Kentler International Drawing Center, Brooklyn, NY: 100 works on paper

          Space Create, Newburgh, NY: Art About Water
          Sideshow Gallery, Brooklyn, NY: Circle the Wagons

2014:Holland Tunnel Gallery, Brooklyn, NY; Stairmasters Framed
         The Lofts at Beacon Gallery, Beacon, NY: Energy Fields.

           Curated by Marieken Cochius

         Kentler International Drawing Center, Brooklyn, NY: 100 works on paper
         The Lofts at Beacon, Gallery, Beacon NY: Textile Show
         Huntenkunst, The Netherlands: Huntenkunst 2014
         Sideshow Gallery, Brooklyn, NY: Sideshow Nation At The Alamo

2013:CWOW Gallery, Newark NJ: Unsteady Ground
         Kentler International Drawing Center, Brooklyn, NY: 100 works on paper

         Sideshow Gallery, Brooklyn, NY: Sideshow Nation

2012:Brik Gallery, Catskill, NY: Cowgirls of the Hudson Valley

          Liberty Arts, Yreka, CA: Mullagatawny

          Kentler International Drawing Center, Brooklyn, NY: 100 works on paper

          Sideshow Gallery, Brooklyn, NY: Mic Check Occupy

2011:Holland Tunnel Gallery, Brooklyn, NY: Delft Blues

          Benefit for Marie Mason, Eric McDavid, NY, NY

          A.I.R Gallery, Brooklyn, NY: Wish you were here

2010:A.I.R. Gallery, Brooklyn, NY: Wish you were here

         Pump Project, Austin, TX: Stations

         Sideshow Gallery, Brooklyn, NY: It’s a wonderful tenth

2009:ADC Gallery, NY, NY: Benefit for Daniel McGowan, environmental and social justice


          Sideshow Gallery, Brooklyn, NY: It’s a wonderful life
2008:Raum fuer Kunst und Kommunikation, Monchengladbach, Germany

2007:Raum fuer Kunst und Kommunikation, Monchengladbach, Germany

         Sans Quoi Gallery, Okayama, Japan: Hot summer art battle
         Holter Museum of Art, Helena, MT: ANA 35: Curator Willem Volkersz
         BWAC, Brooklyn, NY: Pier Show XV
         Cambridge Art Association, Cambridge, MA: National; curator

          Thomas Lentz, Harvard Museum
         Washington Sq. East Galleries: NY, NY: Small works, curator Jim Kempner

2006:Citibank Headquarters: Queens, NY: Long Island City artists
          Washington Sq. East Galleries: NY, : Small works, curator Jack Shainman

2005:Cornelia Street Cafe, NY, NY: Collaboration with composer Jorrit Dijkstra

         NYC open studios: nycopenstudios.org
         ABC no Rio, NY, NY: ABC no Rio
         Jacklight Gallery, NY, NY: Scream

2004:Viridian Gallery, NY, NY: YW Why War, Why Dubya?
2004:New Gallery, Concert Series, Boston MA: collaboration w. composer Jorrit Dijkstra
2003:Artspace, New Haven, CT: Between fear and freedom: Duct tape. Collaboration w.

           Jeff Slomba
2002:Holland Tunnel Gallery Brooklyn, NY: Mermaid Show

         Gibbs Gallery, Arlington, MA: Day Job
2001:Arboretum, Los Angeles, CA: Cross Pollination

         Andrews Gallery, College of William and Mary, Williamsburg, VA: Day Job

         450 Broadway Gallery, NY, NY: Collaborative Fusion 9/11
         31 Grand St. Gallery, Brooklyn, NY: Medical Contraptions and Conceptions

         9th BWAC Pier Show, Brooklyn, NY
         Art Association of Harrisburg, Harrisburg, PA; curator Susan Cross, Guggenheim

         Attleboro Museum, Attleboro, MA: Small Works show
         Holland Tunnel Gallery, Brooklyn, NY: Cross Pollination
         80 Washington Sq. E. Galleries, NY, NY: 24th Annual Small Works. Curator Peter

2000:State of Art Gallery; Brooklyn, NY; Industrious Subconscious

         8th BWAC Pier Show, Brooklyn, NY: Sculpture
1999:Holland Tunnel Gallery, Brooklyn, NY: Lost and Found

          7th BWAC Pier Show, Brooklyn, NY: Sculpture

1997:Knickerbocker Gallery, NY, NY: Artists Under Cover -Photography, poetry

1996:Chasse Theater, Breda, Netherlands: Coney Island -Photography Installation

         Jacklight Gallery, NY, NY: Liars and Hypocrites -Photography
         Jacklight Gallery, NY, NY: Valentine’s Show

1995:Extremely refrigerated, NY, NY: MEAT -Photography Installation
1994:World"s Women Online! www.asu.edu/wwol Curator Muriel Magenta, 


2020: Tule Review, 2020, Sacramento Poetry Center. Page 30, Sculpture 'Gathering' featured.

2020: Art for a New Earth. 3 Elements of the Motherboard collages featured.


2020: Cold Mountain Review.  8 Cloud drawings featured.  https://www.coldmountainreview.org/issues/fall-winter-2019-special-issue-on-margins/from-clouds-by-marieken-cochius

2019: Mud Season Review. http://mudseasonreview.com/2019/12/fiction-issue-47/

2019: Miracle Monocle,  issue 13. 3 works featured


2019: Tiny Seed Literary Journal 


2019: Willard and Maple Literary and Fine Art Magazine:  COVER ART (Wrap around) 

Issue XX , Seeing /Not  Seeing, also page 68 https://issuu.com/willardandmaplelitmag/docs/willard_maple_vol_20_ver_5

2019: The Esthetic Apostle, September issue. 6 images


2019:The Raw Art Review Spring 2019 page 119


2019: Sun Spot Literary Journal:  COVER ART: Volume 1 issue #: Invisible Nature


2019: Fredricksburg Literary and Art Review:  page 140

2018: deLuge Journal: page34 Sculpture: Icon http://www.delugejournal.com/uploads/3/4/8/8/34888906/deluge.4.1.pdf

2018: Havik Journal of Arts and Literature

2018:Alluvian Environmental Journal: Spring 2018  'But I thought..' 


2018: Fredricksburg Literary and Art Review: Organic sculptures 

  https://issuu.com/amybayne/docs/flar_s_s_2018 pages 264-265-266

2011: Catalogue of Drawings 

2009:Fifth Estate Magazine # 380: Featured Artist


2019: Ann Landi: Vasari 21 Newsletter: Photo and Canopy show featured.  https://mailchi.mp/9776d52203b4/smart-collecting-at-the-local-level-and-the-ultimate-teaching-challenge-1324497?e=ff31bab35a&fbclid=IwAR1imjjxHq8H1JhIh0TmZAdXvI_snTPJtuLDJDHwtPr0qBnsUMGWxUTsT6g

2019: Poughkeepsie Journal/ Linda Marston-Reid: Artists open doors to public at Beacon Open Studios this weekend.


2018: http://www.dutchcultureusa.com/blog/4559/cochius-exhibits-in-newburgh-from-oct-19

2018: Dean Goldberg: Interview https://vimeo.com/294209079  4min.

2018: Ann Landi: Vasari21: Dark Matter show 


2018: Consulate of the Netherlands USA


2018: Curated by Katherine Henning, senior associate curator at Saatchi Art: Meet the New Masters of Abstract Painting.


2017: Ann Landi: https://vasari21.com/what-is-a-drawing-part-two/

2017: NotRandomArt Contemporary Art Review magazine. Interview and photos. https://view.joomag.com/not-random-art/0194614001488987769 Pages 188-195

2017: Roll Magazine: Chiara Harrison Lambe: Art Highlights fall 2016


2016: New York Times: Listing and photo of 'Invisible Nature' solo show at Matteawan Gallery. mobile.nytimes.com/2016/02/28/nyregion/things-to-do-in-the-hudson-valley-feb-27- through-march-6.html

2016: Greenarts.org Arts Alive : Dakota Kim: Mircocosm invokes Nature's Abstract Beauty and Chaos.

https://www.greenearts.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/03/ArtsAlive-104-WEB.pdf  page 10.

2016: Ann Landi:  https://vasari21.com/the-aha-moment-part-two/

2016: Highland Currenthttp://highlandscurrent.com/2016/02/12/making-art-with-two-hands/

2016: http://themobilemill.tumblr.com/post/131111249929/simple-human-gestures-they-go-a-long-way-hand​

2015:Arts Alive May/June : Photos of work and article about upcoming Microcosm show

2014:Mid Hudson Times 10/1/14: Photo and work featured
2014:New York Times 8/17/14  Listings: ‘Microcosms’ show at Lofts at Beacon Gallery.
2014:Beacon Free Press: Textile show at the Lofts4/2/2014
2009:Fifth Estate Magazine # 380: Featured Artist

2001:NY Arts Magazine September Vol.6 no.9 Listing of show p.69/70 :Medical

           Contraptions and Conceptions
1997:Het Parool 4/99 : "NL in NY" Dutch artists in NY (Netherlands)
1997:Brabant Cultureel 9/97 : Featured artist, midsection (Netherlands)
1996:De Telegraaf-9/12/96 : Coney Island show (Netherlands)
1995:Research Magazine, University of Arizona: Muriel Magenta: Worlds Women Online featured work.


1990:K.U. Nieuws3/9/90: (University of Nijmegen, Netherlands) Interview and photos

          about solo ‘Meat Market’ show. 


2016:Commission for a public sculpture by the village of Wappingers Falls, NY.

          Funded by a grant from the Hudson River Foundation

2007:Vermont Studio Center; residency (11/07)
2005:Jacklight Gallery, NYC; Best in Show award: SOLO show.
1999:Vermont Studio Center; residency (4/99)
1992:Golden Flame: 1st Prize in Dutch National Video Award for up and coming talent.

           Category: Short productions
1989:Eddie Adams Workshop, Jeffersonville, NY : 4 day photography workshop