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Collage-Paintings on paper with collected organic matter, charcoal, graphite, rust, pigments, oil paint. 
Size ranges: 52"- 60"x 30" ( 130-145 x 78 cm)

Collage-Paintings on paper with charcoal, graphite,
rust, organic matter, pigments, oil paint. 
Size ranges: 52"- 60"x 30" ( 130-145 x 78 cm)

Elements of the Motherboard’ refers to the way a computer motherboard functions -allowing communication between various electronic components- and to the 'Motherboard' as an ecosystem, where it represents networks that are formed between a community of living organisms and nonliving components.

In both examples, if one element isn’t working or is out of balance, the whole system breaks down, including harm of the environment, as man-made systems collapse and damage the ecosystems around them.


The works contain geometric forms referencing computer chips and suggest comparisons between natural ecosystems and artificial intelligence. I am fascinated by the relationships and similarities of storing and passing on information within an ecosystem, and human systems of knowledge.

These collage-paintings are made on large sheets of paper sourced from a paper mill in the Netherlands. I start by rubbing powdered rust, ash, charcoal, and other organic materials that I have collected onto the paper. I then incorporate gathered plant material like pine needles, tree veins, smoke tree fluff, and milkweed seeds into the composition, sometimes setting them on fire to create vertical burn marks. Paint, ink, metallic paper etc. are added on top of the other materials to create a layered, textured, and tactile surface.

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