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                                                                    Welded Drawings                                                                       



Investigating interactive networks between living organisms in an ecosystem led to the creation of this series of "Welded Drawings". 

They are the the handmade opposite of 3D printing and laser cutting.

I use a welder in ways it is not specifically intended to. Starting with a steel sheet, I “draw” with a Mig welder, and build up reliefs as I go. Nerve or root like systems and many different marks and textures grow together. I incorporate the melted steel drips and discolorations and warping of the metal sheet. When ready, I cut or burn parts of the steel sheet away with a welder or a cutting torch. Then protect it with different patinas or seals.

When displayed and hung a couple of inches away away from a wall, and lit well, it creates fabulous shadows that enhance the total experience of the work.

Then the larger works, also welded intuitively, evoke mycelium networks, and swirls of currents in a river.

Driftwood Sculptures 

This series includes a Public commission for the Village of Wappingers Falls, NY.

Driftwood and steel


How we undergo the natural is a reflection of ourselves. 

As both sculptor and immigrant, driftwood holds an enormous appeal to me. Trees grow somewhere, then brake off or are uprooted and end up worn and changed by their voyage to a new location.

A life without boundaries, where everything is in flux and patterns are temporary, exists while we try to predict and harness the organic movements and changes that are unstoppable in the long run.  

I strive to have the lines and textures in my work become organic structures that seem to be forever changing.

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