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Sandblasted Slate Roof tiles.

Size max: 20 x 12 in. 

Have old teachings lost meaning, or do they still need to be translated and adapted to appropriately?


The works in the “ Motherboard Elements” series contain geometric forms referencing computer chips and circuit boards. The images are sandblasted in antique slate roof tiles from an old high school, a significant place where knowledge and information were passed on to next generations.

An important inspiration for this series are photos of the earliest microchips (1959-1979) that feature branching geometric patterns containing large amounts of data. The distressed slate also connotes old artifacts and forgotten languages. 


The work is made by first collaging and drawing on the slate tile.

The tile is then sandblasted and painted afterwards. After the paint is dry the initial collage is dismantled and scrubbed off from the tile, showing the various slate colors that were covered by the collage.

This is a "reversed etch" with raised lines on the slate tile. 


Hand felted  wall hangings

 and felted objects.


A series of 4x6 inch drawings and paintings I made one summer on a ranch in the Apache Sitgreaves National Forest, AZ. A randomly taken course in felting,

The feeling I had something was there for me, in Magdalena, NM, as drove through it, turned back and found a

small wool operation.

All these added up to this series of hand felted wall hangings 

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