A Space Once Occupied,Now Empty. 

Ink and pastel on paper

2016: 36 Drawings

All: 16 x 24 in. (40 x 60 cm)

For this project I visualized two main ways I remember. I find myself either tracing the shapes of the space or object itself, going from point to point,  or I rely on my other senses and seek a trace, a smell, a speck of dust, or energy disturbance to trigger a memory.


Once a space is empty, and you remember how it was before, you try to remember the shape of what was there. The space it took up.
This is one part of the series. I drew it on the lighter colored paper.

Once a space is empty you also search. For any trace, whiff, anything left behind. That part of the series I drew on the darker colored paper. 

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