Small Sculptures


a selection.

In NYC before 9/11, I made sculptures and assemblages with found objects and man-made materials.

After 9/11 happened, I could't make anything for months. I sublet my apartment and 

started traveling solo in the US.

I drove my '82 Coupe deVille with my German shepherd dog in the back seat,  and left for 3 months at a time.

The first place I ended up in was the desert of West Texas, south of Marfa.

There I ended up managing Chinati Hot Springs, in the winter of 2002. 

In that beautiful and stark environment, I started working again. Inspired by the fossils, geology, plants and animals I encountered in the desert. From then on, I started making sculptures predominately with natural materials, wood, bones I found etc,  

For the next 10 years I would leave NYC in the summers and make art in various remote places: on a ranch in Eastern Arizona, in a dry cabin in Montana, a tipi in Colorado, in Nova Scotia, etc.

Each place influenced me and informed my art.

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