Prints and Negatives

Solar Etching projects


9 x 11 in. and 5 x 7 in. series. ( 12 x 17cm and

21 x 27 cm)

In Solarplate Etching you transfer a drawn image to the plate, either with a film or by drawing with various inks directly on the plate, which is then exposed to light and can be used to print in relief or intaglio.

Also because of my background in still-photography this process greatly appeals to me.


An offshoot project came about when I decided to show my drawings on mylar 

(which were negatives for my solar plates). 

I had randomly cut out pieces of mylar in sizes a little larger than the etching plates I was using, and drew on them with various inks. The irregular shapes of these 'negatives' inspired me to have frames tailor made for each one of them.

A series of 16 Negatives that can be hung in various sequences, making one whole piece.

 I look forward to doing next projects.

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