Thinking out Loud

Driftwood on metal


44"H x55"W x15"D 

110 x138 x38 cm

A tension between what is present and what cannot be touched continues to be the most consistent theme in my work. 
There are no boundaries, everything is in flux and patterns are temporary, yet snapshots of detected networks and systems inspire me to catch the sensuality of the immaterial. 

As both sculptor and immigrant, driftwood holds an enormous appeal to me. Trees grow somewhere, then brake off or are uprooted and end up worn and changed by their voyage in a new location.I gathered driftwood, which I then dried and primed and cut. The pieces are attached to a welded metal frame, which is wall-hung with a cleat. 

This is an ongoing series, currently in 36 x 48 in. and 48 x 48 in. formats.


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